PWCS Students Bring Home Publication Awards
Posted on 10/17/2017
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Yearbooks, newspapers, and magazines capture the heart and spirit of their schools and are prized keepsakes at year-end. Their importance grows when they have garnered awards for their schools and the journalists, authors, and graphic designers whose passion for creativity is unrelenting—and who learn important skills along the way. 

PWCS students earned 10 awards in this year’s Virginia High School League (VHSL) publication championship for their outstanding work—including three Trophy Class awards, the highest attainable in this contest.  

Brentsville District High School garnered top honors in the Newspaper Division. Trophy Class was awarded to “The Roar” staff and advisor Lauren Arvis. Patriot High School’s “The Charge” with advisor Catherine Storke, captured second place honors. 

In the Magazine Division, PWCS earned three awards. Forest Park High School’s magazine “Ursa Major” led by Laura Dowling and Woodbridge High School’s magazine “Eddas,” with Cathy Hailey as advisor, each received Trophy Class awards. First place honors were earned by Battlefield High School’s “Vox Populi” with advisor Jared Bridges.

Battlefield High School earned a second place award in the News Magazine Division, for “Inside 15000” with Jared Bridges as the advisor. 

Battlefield High School yearbook “The Lynx” lead by Briana Hale, Colgan High School yearbook “Shark Tales” with advisor Beth Skaggs, Patriot High School yearbook “The Vanguard” lead by Dianne Tharp Demastrie, and Woodbridge High School yearbook “Valhalla” with advisor Kait LaPlant all received a first place rankings. 

The VHSL rates student-produced publications based on critiques of students’ work. Newspapers, magazines, news magazines, online news, broadcasts and yearbooks are evaluated and the very best earn Tophy class, first, second, or third place awards. Congratulations to all the PWCS winners!