Three PWCS Schools show their star power at the fall Theatre Festival.
Posted on 11/15/2017
RRMS Students at VTA Conference

PWCS drama students performed at the Theatre Festival held in conjunction with the Virginia Theatre Association annual conference October 28-29. Ronald Reagan Middle School students won a silver trophy for their production of “The Monster Journals.” Nya Tefferi earned an Outstanding Student Director Award, Riley Heretick was recognized with the Outstanding Assistant Student Director Award, and Bella Lewis won both Outstanding Makeup and Costume Direction awards. Britta Taylor and Griffin Cox earned Outstanding Actress and Outstanding Actor awards, respectively. 

Gainesville Middle School students performed the play “After Hours”, directed by Peggy Hyde which won a gold trophy, and Carsen Torfin won a Best Performance award.

The Patriot High School Players performed their production of “Radium Girls” at the Festival, and the following seniors auditioned for more than 30 different college programs and received several call backs, those seniors are: Darian Nulph, Jacob Boon, Jack Little, Carliegh Hopkins, and Thalia Roberts. Thalia was personally invited to study at Triple Arts, the theatre company created by Terrance Mann.

These results show how bright the theatre lights shine in our PWCS schools.