Gil Trenum presents American flags to high school principals
Posted on 01/16/2018
Dr. Bishop and Gil Trenum - Flag Presentation

Gil Trenum, Brentsville Magisterial District School Board Representative, recently presented American flags to the principals at Brentsville High School, Patriot High School and Stonewall Jackson High School to thank the Brentsville District community for the support he received during his one-year deployment to Africa.

“The flags were flown on Sept. 11th, on the anniversary of the attack against our country 16 years ago that was the reason for so many deployments like mine,” Trenum said. “I hope that the flags can serve as a reminder to our students that freedom comes at a cost and that there will always be a need for our country to have men and women willing to pay that cost, if necessary.”

Dr. Nichols and Gil Trenum at SJHS Flag Ceremony

Brentsville District HS FlagGilandMeints

PHS Dr. Bishop and Gil Trenum