New PWCS Budget Proposal includes program continuation, step increase for employees, educational enhancements
Posted on 02/07/2018
Picture of students in class

Prince William County Schools Superintendent Steve Walts presented a proposed FY '19 budget to the School Board on February 7. The proposed plan will fund continuation of all existing PWCS programs and services supporting student success, from pre-K through graduation, as well as several new investments. The $1.19 billion budget represents an increase of 3.9 percent over the FY '18 budget.

“We built this budget proposal on the essentials needed to continue service to our students, staff, and community,” Dr. Walts said. “My staff and I look forward to working with the School Board to refine this proposal into the best possible budget we can to serve our students, to let us recruit and retain the very best teachers and staff, and, most of all, to open the door to unlimited opportunities for the future of our children and our community.” 

Cover of Proposed FY 2019 Budget Book

Budgeted Funding Includes:

  • Continuation of all existing programs and services, with a few minimal spending reductions;
  • Maintaining career pathways and specialty opportunities for both career and college-bound students;
  • Education and housing for 1,100 new students over September 30, 2017 levels;
  • Fall opening of new Independence Nontraditional School
  • Completions of additions to Lake Ridge Middle School and Pattie Elementary; beginning of additions at Antietam, Lake Ridge, Springwoods, Leesylvania and Minnieville Elementary Schools, as well as Stonewall Middle School.
  • Renewal of River Oaks, Leesylvania. Marshall, Montclair and Old Bridge Elementary Schools; and
  • Acquisition of 14th High School Site.

The proposed budget also includes several new investments, including a full-step increase for all eligible employees (averaging 2.7%), a supplemental pay rate increase for coaches and teachers who supervise clubs, and for substitutes and temporary employees.

“The budget covers our commitment to continuous improvement,” Walts said. “That means we need to invest—to the extent that funding allows—in filling critical needs that better serve our students and community. And it means having the very best teachers, administrators, and other staff committed to our students and our mission. That’s why my proposed budget marks the third time in a row that I have recommended a well-deserved full-step increase for all eligible teachers and employees.”

The budget includes professional development focused on Professional Learning Communities and building cultural competency, Walts said.

Other new investments include partial replacement of federal cuts to Title I Schools, PWCS replacement of $3 million in state cuts to The Regional Special Education School, and an expanded Pre-K program.

“It (the budget) also helps the full range of learners with investments in enhancements to our gifted education program; school improvement support; and a new instructional coach who will join a team of gifted professionals already equipping teachers with instructional tools and help that measurably boosts student achievement,” Walts said. “There’s even funding for new equipment in our VEX Robotics program. That helps connect students with Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.”

The proposed budget includes technology contracts and support for expanded bandwidth use, network security and staff recruiting/management.

Financial details of the proposed budget were provided in a presentation by Associate Superintendent for Finance and Support Services Dave Cline.

School Board members will review the proposal and hear from community members before providing input of their own. A public meeting on the FY19 Proposed Budget and Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, February 12, 2018, at the Kelly Leadership Center.

Several School Board work sessions and budget mark-up will follow. A public hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21, at the Kelly Leadership Center, after which the School Board will adopt its advertised budget to submit to the The Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS). The BOCS must approve the School Board budget by April 30, 2018.


Watch Clip of Dr. Walts' FY19 Budget Presentation at the 2-7-18 School Board Meeting:


Watch Clip of Mr. Cline's FY19 Budget Presentation at the 2-7-18 School Board Meeting: