Beville Middle School science students embrace kindness in the community
Posted on 02/09/2018
Row of lockers with sticky note on the front

Sixth graders at Beville Middle School learned a lesson about unexpected acts of kindness last semester. During a P.R.O.W.L. (Positive, Respectful, Outstanding, Working, Leaders) lesson in Michele Karnbach’s first period science class, the students were challenged to come up with ways to volunteer and change their community for the better. They decided to do something to change their own school community.

The class voted on creating 1,326 sticky notes with kind words of encouragement written on them. The students spent their extra time in class writing the notes and then in a blitz of kindness, they placed a sticky note on every single locker for the rest of the school. It was rewarding for the class as the notes put smiles on faces across the school.

The acts of kindness didn’t stop with just sticky notes. Karnbach’s first period also voted as a class to adopt a local family for the holidays and brought in gifts and money to show kindness and charity.