Unlikely friends, eighth grade art students mentor Pre-K students at Parkside Middle School
Posted on 02/27/2018
Parkside MS Eighth Grade Art Students and Pre-K Students

Parkside Middle School has the distinction of being the only middle school divisionwide to have a Pre-K class. This has allowed for some of the youngest students in Prince William County Schools to befriend eighth grade students.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to go back to the beginning. At Parkside Middle, this pre-school class has given eighth grade art students the opportunity to work with Pre-K students in their art class. Pairing the older and younger students has had the benefit of fostering special friendships. The younger students see the eighth-grade art buddies as a big brother or sister they look up to, and see them as positive role models. The shyest student is encouraged to talk and share — particularly the English Language Learners who are improving their language skills, as they work on art.   

Deborah Henley, pre-K teacher said, “My students leave the art room with a feeling of accomplishment, as well as knowing that they have a big buddy at their school.”