Think only bats live in caves? Watch CavesLIVE, a science program that lets you see what's beneath the Earth's surface.
Posted on 03/08/2018
CavesLIVE Logo

"CavesLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure" explores a world of wonder just below the earth’s surface. The program is geared toward students in grades 4–8 but interesting for anyone who has an interest in caves. This free program is provided by the USDA Forest Service and our own Prince William Network.

Watch and learn about specially adapted animals, beautiful mirror pools, sparkling crystals, domed caverns, and twisting tunnels underneath our feet in many areas around the world and even on other planets! Caves provide just one connection between our everyday lives and this rich underground ecosystem.

Join scientists and the CavesLIVE team to find out how people are connected to these amazing underground resources.

Watch the “CavesLIVE: Bringing Caves and Karst to Light” video, available on the CavesLIVE website. (See additional viewing options below.)

Then, you can join in on March 14 at noon to watch a free, live question-and-answer program at Luray Caverns in Virginia. Scientists will be available to answer questions from students and others. Students from Rippon Middle School will be the live audience inside Luray Caverns. Register to participate at

Multiple viewing options are available. Choose the best way to watch and participate: