Congratulations to PWCS Service Award recipients
Posted on 03/15/2018
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The School Board and School Division’s Leadership Team congratulate employees who have reached significant milestones in their careers with Prince William County Public Schools. These employees have brought our School Division to where it is today, and are leading our effort to provide our students with a World-Class Education.

Outstanding service and dedication to our School Division is being recognized this month as 1,668 employees receive longevity awards to honor their service. Many departments and schools are scheduled to present service pins in ceremonies this week. This year, three employees top the list for 45 years of service.

Other honorees include 11 employees with 40 years of service, 11 employees with 35 years of service, 51 with 30 years, 73 with 25 years, and 144 with 20 years of service. Another 1,378 have reached milestones of 5, 10, and 15 years.

Honorees are listed below in alphabetical order by years of service.

45 Years

Barbara Hicks, Office of Special Education; Kenneth Hicks, Office of Student Learning; Darlene Wooley, Gar-Field High.

40 Years

Rose Cooper, Office of Transportation Services; Margaret Gnadt, Office of Title I; Janet Hoover, Bel Air Elementary; Linda Kirk, Transportation Services; Jennifer Morrow, Office of Facilities Management Services; Lawanda Prince, Gar-Field High; Estelle Reid, Transportation Services; Paul Rischard, Hylton High; Karen Sheedy, Kilby Elementary; Janice Sisk, Office of Professional Learning; and Shirline Taylor, Stonewall Jackson High.

35 Years

Mary Alexander, Occoquan Elementary; Jon Allen, Facilities Management Services; Carolyn Dunn, Mullen Elementary; Salvatore Guarniere, Benton Middle; Rebecca Hill, Transportation Services; Shirley Posey, Transportation Services; Gregory Prifti, Brentsville District High; Elizabeth Sealock, Ashland Elementary; Deborah Skiffington, Sinclair Elementary; Debra Trowbridge, Nokesville K-8; and Michelle Wentzel, Special Education.

30 Years

Kim Albrecht, Special Education; Judith Armor, Coles Elementary; Charles Bailey, Lake Ridge Middle; Lisa Barnes, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Leanne Beardsley, Osbourn Park High;

William Bixby, Superintendent’s Staff; Roberta Bosak, Stonewall Middle; Duane Brawner, Transportation Services; Christine Brooks, Occoquan Elementary; Tamara Calhoun, Potomac Middle; Eileen Carneal, Transportation Services; Jacquelin Connelly, Graham Park Middle; Andrew Daniels, Saunders Middle; Edith Dawson, Potomac High; Guy Demetri, Gainesville Middle; Dorothy French, Beville Middle; and Peggy Godfrey, Transportation Services.

Also receiving 30-year pins are Della Gordon, Gar-Field High; Kathy Granby, Stonewall Jackson High; Sharolette Hickles, Vaughan Elementary; Julia Hicks, Woodbridge High; Cheryl Jackson, Colgan High; Anginetta Jordan, Saunders Middle; Charles Kendall, Facilities Management Services; Jacqueline Kendall, Dumfries Elementary; Robert King, Potomac High; Rose Lee, Woodbridge High; Nancy Luke, Springwoods Elementary; Mary Martin, Parkside Middle; Judith McDaniel, Marsteller Middle; Barbara McIntosh, Nokesville K-8; Deborah Nicely, Office of Information Technology Services; Donna Notarantonio, Pennington Traditional; and Pamela Oakes, Dale City Elementary.

Continuing, 30-year pin recipients include Jayne Reck, Porter Traditional; Dorothy Reeves, Springwoods Elementary; Ann Reighard, Rosa Parks Elementary; Deborah Reynolds, Stonewall Jackson High; Michele Salzano, Human Resources; Melissa Scheidegger, Penn Elementary; Linda Shaffer, Potomac View Elementary; Lori Sterne, Stonewall Jackson High; Russell Stevens, Information Technology Services; Wanda Story, Ellis Elementary; Phillip Surber, Patriot High; Eloise Wallace, Beville Middle; Lesley Wark, Marsteller Middle; Stephen Webb, Saunders Middle; Teresa Weber, Parkside Middle; Michelle Wells, Graham Park Middle; and Claudia Winter, Woodbridge Middle.

25 Years

Jeffrey Allison, Transportation Services; Debra Antonelli, Dale City Elementary; Amy Arritt, Hampton Middle; Marilyn Austin, Freedom High; Carla Badger, Woodbridge High; Cynthia Baird, Osbourn Park High; Dina Baird, Gravely Elementary; Joy Basham, Minnieville Elementary; Marie Bernard, Transportation Services; Ella Binotto, Forest Park High; Larry Branham, Facilities Management Services; Lara Brittain, Forest Park High; Jennifer Brown, Bull Run Middle; Monica Brown, Osbourn Park High; Andrew Buchheit, T. Clay Wood Elementary; Debra Bulick, Parkside Middle; Mark Carder, Woodbridge High; and Damon Cerrone, Piney Branch Elementary.

Also recognized for 25 years of service are Jeannie Cho-Zeman, Old Bridge Elementary; Marilyn Clemence, Battlefield High; Terrie Cox, Stonewall Middle; Cami Craig, Marsteller Middle; Cynthia Cropp, Facilities Management Services; Kim Cummings, Special Education; Kathleen Dail, New Directions Alternative Education Center; Rebecca Desjardin, Belmont Elementary; Lynne Eaton, Featherstone Elementary; Tena Etwe, Henderson Elementary; Evelyn Facciolo, Office of School Food and Nutrition Services (Food Services); Deborah Foulk Libby, Tyler Elementary; Douglas Goodwin, Hylton High; Andrew Gray, Gar-Field High; Karen Hailey-Bland, Woodbridge High; Ruth Harley, Food Services; Jarcelynn Hart, Superintendent’s Staff; Mary Ann Hartnett-Smith, New Dominion Alternative Education Center; and Janice Herritt, McAuliffe Elementary.

Twenty-five year service award recipients include Rodney Hodgson, Osbourn Park High; Bonnie Jackson, Triangle Elementary; Carolyn Johnson, Special Education; Melvin Klugh, Potomac High; Bethany Korgan, Woodbridge High; Diana Leavitt, Cedar Point Elementary; Margaret Lehmann, Swans Creek Elementary; Patricia Lewandowski, Porter Traditional; Patricia Lonzo, Food Services; Penny Mangus, Kerrydale Elementary; Elizabeth Manikas, New Dominion Alternative Education Center; Teresa Martin, Woodbridge High; Sandra Massey, PACE East; Linda Mazza, Colgan High; Judith Mears, Graham Park Middle; Annemarie Meike, Gainesville Middle; Gloria Micielli, Dumfries Elementary; Lora Miller, Marumsco Hills Elementary; and Rhonda Pelletier, Rockledge Elementary.

Also recognized for 25 years are service are Howard Pond, Information Technology Services; Dawn Reagan, Glenkirk Elementary; Mollie Rosenburg, Office of Media Production Services; Darrin Russell, Patriot High; Mary Shrum, Potomac Middle; Marjorie Sieg, Mountain View Elementary; Melvin Smith, Hylton High; Songkham Southivongnorath, Saunders Middle; Mary Spencer, Gainesville Middle; Eric Switzer, Hylton High; Nancy Tebell, Osbourn Park High; Theresa Walker, Transportation Services; Debora Ware, Special Education; Ruth White, Transportation Services; Deborah Witt, Transportation Services; Sarah Witt, Transportation Services; and Denise Yaga, Cedar Point Elementary.

20 Years

Monica Abrams, Graham Park Middle; Eugene Baltimore, Brentsville District High;

Melissa Bankert, Potomac High; Bryan Baroz, Saunders Middle; Shawn Baugh, Triangle Elementary; Amy Beard, Brentsville District High; Junita Berryman, Potomac High; Nadine Blot, Penn Elementary; Nicole Boissiere, Rosa Parks Elementary; Doritha Bouie, Gar-Field High; David Brawner, Transportation Services; Rosalind Burns, Forest Park High; Ayanna Burris, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Lisa Carpenter, Sudley Elementary; Beth Catalano, Colgan High; Allan Chacey, Hylton High; and Steven Charest, PACE West.

Also, Cindy Clayborn, Bristow Run Elementary; Cheryl Corry, Woodbridge High; Daniel Corsaro, Supply Services; Linda Crist, Transportation Services; Sheri Danner, Special Education; Tammy Delene, Fitzgerald Elementary; Mary Dellaperuto, Stonewall Jackson High; Jane Digennaro, Pennington Traditional; Nora Dominguez, Potomac View Elementary; Cecelia Drisko, Woodbridge High; Tina Duffy, Forest Park High; Karl Eberly, Woodbridge High; Judith Edwards, Stonewall Jackson High; Eleanor Evans, Transportation Services; Joan Ferlazzo, Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs (OSMAP); Anita Flemons, Old Bridge Elementary; and Christine Flench, Enterprise Elementary.

Also, Susan Flores, New Dominion Alternative Education Center ; Kenneth Franklin, Information Technology Services; Wayne Frye, Facilities Management Services; Anne Gariano, Fitzgerald Elementary; Marie Grandchamp-Benoit, Gar-Field High; Debra Groves, Stonewall Jackson High; Donald Hales, Facilities Management Services; Maria Haman, Enterprise Elementary; Janine Hamilton, Parkside Middle; Karen Hammack, Potomac Middle; Lynn Hardwick, T. Clay Wood Elementary; Christal Harris, Office of Student Services; Carolyn Hatcher, Potomac View Elementary; Todd Hayes, Hylton High; Deborah Hedden, Battlefield High; and Anne Henry, Alvey Elementary.

Also, Carolyn Herndon, OSMAP; Amy Hickey, Student Learning; Kjierstan Hodum, Glenkirk Elementary; Sandra Howard, Transportation Services; Sadija Hoxha, Penn Elementary; Debra Huntt, Transportation Services; Elisabeth Hyde, Stonewall Jackson High; Donna Ivory, Colgan High; Regina Jones, OSMAP; Marta Juarez-Rios, Stonewall Middle; Donna Kadi, Freedom High; Joy Kazanci, Forest Park High; Kimberly Kelly-Price, Bull Run Middle; Katherine Kent, Special Education; Elaine Kern, Transportation Services; Scott Kerns, Brentsville District High; Joseph Keys, Facilities Management Services; Phetsamone Khampheng, Gar-Field High; Laurence Khan, Westridge Elementary; Yung Kim, Special Education; Christine Klisiewicz, Ellis Elementary; and Elizabeth Klopfenstein, Pattie Elementary.

Also, Brian Knight, Patriot High; Jason Koch, Battlefield High; Ronald Kostrzebski, Hylton High; Camroon Lalputan, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Bonnie Law, Rippon Middle; Jennifer Lee, Special Education; Melvin Lepley, Facilities Management Services; Linda Lockhart, Transportation Services; Douglas Lovelace, PACE West; Stephen Madison, Woodbridge Middle; Adrienne Maneno, Colgan High; Turkia Mccauley, Beville Middle; Tammy McDannell, Nokesville K-8; James McGee, Facilities Management Services; Robert Misenko, Stonewall Jackson High; Mary Mitchell, Fitzgerald Elementary; Joyce Moore, Graham Park Middle; Roberta Morse, Benton Middle; and Jennifer Muddiman, Office of Head Start.

Also recognized for 30 years of service are Debra Neal, Lake Ridge Elementary; Michael Neall, Office of Accountability; Judy Nisbet, Yorkshire Elementary; Jeanne Novis, Triangle Elementary; Kathleen O'Connor, Lake Ridge Middle; John Painter, Bristow Run Elementary; Edward Pell, Stonewall Jackson High; Maria Perez, Freedom High; Charles Perkins, Information Technology Services; Patricia Petry, Stonewall Jackson High; Carol Pierce, Parkside Middle; Patricia Plummer, Gar-Field High; Claudia Ponce, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Theodore Proctor, Battlefield High; Almara Rahim, Woodbridge High; Carolyn Renk, Henderson Elementary; Christopher Rinker, Bel Air Elementary; Matthew Ritter, Bennett Elementary; and Candida Rosales, Beville Middle.

Also, Tina Russell, Glenkirk Elementary; Dawn Rutland, Gainesville Middle; Erin Saar, Antietam Elementary; Stefanie Sanders, Lake Ridge Elementary; Lucia Santiago, Gar-Field High; Sandra Saville, Kelly Leadership Center Cafeteria; Deborah Schlechte, Parkside Middle; Kathleen Schweitzer, Office of Supply Services; Jennifer Seifried, Lake Ridge Middle; Angela Semrov, Forest Park High; Julie Silverman, Coles Elementary; Richard Skelton, Mountain View Elementary; Chevelli Smith, Gar-Field High; Janet Smith, New Directions Alternative Education Center; Camille Spence, Saunders Middle; Thomas Staeger, Stonewall Jackson High; and Patricia Sumers, Leesylvania Elementary.

Also, Carrie Suthard, Transportation Services; Peggy Taylor, Triangle Elementary; Edith Telleria, Gar-Field High; Timothy Tewalt, Media Production Services; Susan Wagner, Dale City Elementary; Samuel Walker, Ronald Reagan Middle; David Walton, Transportation Services; Deborah Ward, Dale City Elementary; Melissa Washington, Mullen Elementary; Susan Watters, Osbourn Park High; Joseph Weakland, Woodbridge Middle; Kelly White, Yorkshire Elementary; Michael Wiczalkowski, Forest Park High; Sarah Willey, Henderson Elementary; Melissa Williams, Woodbridge High; Rebecca Williamson, Antietam Elementary; Latricia Woodson, Stonewall Middle.