Making Prom magical and affordable for every student
Posted on 04/13/2018
Project SLAY

High school is full of memorable events, but few stand out like prom. While students work on “promposals” or decide which friends they are going to prom with, the next immediate concern becomes what to wear. Between the tickets, transportation, the outfits (dresses/tuxedos), and dinner, the cost for prom escalates quickly and for some students, it will be something that they cannot afford to attend.

Woodbridge High School’s SALC, Cosmetology, Fashion Marketing classes, and Project S.L.A.Y. (run by Woodbridge Alumna Janay Dixon) have teamed up to help make prom affordable by providing a free prom dress, and/or receive hair and make-up for students who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to prom. Saturday, April 7, Woodbridge High School opened their doors to young ladies all across Northern Virginia, and for 10 lucky ladies, they were given a free head to toe prom makeover.

These are the things that memories are made of and allow students to have a memorable and magical prom.