So smart—it stings! Fred Lynn Hornets win Battle of the Brains 2018
Posted on 04/20/2018
Fred Lynn Team Winners of Battle of the Brains 2018In Earth’s atmosphere, as altitude increases, what happens to air pressure? A pair of jeans originally costs $34.50. They are on sale for 20% off. How much is the discount? What does the government use tax revenues for?

These questions and more challenged four PWCS middle schools—Beville, Stonewall, Hampton, and Fred Lynn—in the annual Battle of the Brains. The competition, an academic quiz similar to It’s Academic, focuses on preparation for the upcoming Virginia SOL examinations. Associate Superintendent for Middle Schools, Mr. Bill Bixby, was host and moderator for the competition, which was streamed live for all middle schools to watch.
Battle of the Brains Quiz Competition
In a close final round, Fred Lynn Middle squeaked out a victory –the third year in a row the Hornets hold the championship title. Great job by all the participants. Congratulations! You make us #PWCSProud
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