County approves PWCS 2018-19 school budget, funds pilot security program
Posted on 04/25/2018
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The Prince William County School Board’s FY 2019 budget and Capital Improvements Program have been approved by the Board of County Supervisors. The BOCS allocated an additional $500,000 to the PWCS budget for a pilot security program that would use retired police officers as armed security guards in schools.

The additional five security guards and one supervisor will complement the School Board’s focus on safe and secure schools demonstrated in the PWCS FY 2019 budget. The school budget includes 13 additional social workers, a position to address human trafficking, a mental health specialist, psychologist, and three additional high school counselors.

The budget provides a full-step increase for all eligible employees (average 2.7 percent pay increase). It also gives a supplemental pay rate increase for coaches and teachers who supervise clubs, as well as substitutes and temporary employees. Bus driver positions will be reclassified from Grade 5 to Grade 6, which will significantly increase the starting pay.

Full funding of the budget is contingent upon passage of a state budget by the Virginia legislature. Therefore, the PWCS budget could change based on actions of the Virginia legislature.

More information on the FY 2019 budget can be found here.