Child Protection Partnership recognizes PWCS employees
Posted on 05/15/2018
Debbie Bishop at CPP AwardsThe Child Protection Partnership (CPP) recently recognized Celeste Sharper, school social worker who serves Beville Middle School and Belmont Elementary School, and Debbie Bishop, professional development and program specialist, for the positive impact their work has on children’s lives. They were recognized at the CPP annual luncheon held in April.

Sharper was recognized for the work she does beyond the school day to help students, especially in the support she provides to students needing assistance from county agencies.

“I'm truly humbled to receive such an honorable award,” she said. “In social work, you don't look for recognition or praise for the behind the scenes efforts you do to empower students and families. I am so grateful that my efforts are noticed, but most of all, they have been impactful in moments when they've been necessary.”

Bishop was nominated for her work with Tracy Hannigan, Prince William County Parks and Recreation Services, to support Healthy Communities Healthy Youth (HCHY). The Healthy Communities Healthy Youth (HCHY) framework has been active for 13 years in our schools and community as evidenced by the on-going recognition of the PWC HCHY Council and the HCHY Students L.E.A.D. Team.

“Dr. Peter Benson, former leader with Search Institute, once said, ‘Relationships are central to thriving and the oxygen of life,’” Bishop said. “To develop relationships and enable youth to thrive and not just survive as they navigate their way to adulthood, we as adults can develop relationships by expressing care, supporting them, challenging them, sharing power, and expanding their horizons. Many adults do this instinctively. I am honored to work in Prince William County Schools and support adults in forming these kinds of intentional relationships with young people.”

About the Child Protection Partnership

Formed in 1998, CPP provides a multi-jurisdictional network of professionals and citizens to exchange ideas and seek constructive ways to eliminate child abuse and neglect in the Greater Prince William Area.

Celeste Sharper