Stonewall Jackson High School students are now published authors through The Origin Project
Posted on 05/24/2018
SJHS Students Published in the Origin Project Book 4Not many high school seniors can say that they are published authors, and yet, that is the case for 37 students at Stonewall Jackson High School (SJHS). By participating in The Origin Project, the students told their stories of who they are and where they come from through prose and poetry. Those stories were published in The Origin Project Book Four. With guidance from their teachers, Linda Woodward, Nancy Bollmeier Fisher, and Adriana Trigiani, the SJHS students spent this year working on authentically telling their stories and preparing them for publication.

Capping off the year-long project, an official book release celebration occurred at SJHS with comments from Senator Mark Warner, Poet Laurie Eustis and The Origin Project founder Adriana Trigiani via skype to congratulate the students on their accomplishments. Trigiani encouraged the students to continue to write saying, “Make writing an organic part of your life.”

Speaking to the students during the celebration, Margi Vanderhye, the executive director of the Virginia Commission for the Arts, encouraged the students to continue to make and share art with the world around them.

“You all today, all of you authors, singers, players are now part of the pantheon of storytellers…your story now becomes part of all of our story and all of humanity, and I hope that you take advantage of the creativity and the imagination that was sown like seeds in you and keep it going,” said Vanderhye.

Even as they are celebrating the students who were published in Book Four, the groundwork is being laid for the next class to start on the path of self-discovery. The students are finding their voices and bringing new, diverse stories of themselves to Book Five. In the fall, the students will begin their journey of connecting their past so that they can begin to work on their goals for the future, through the guidance of The Origin Project.

We celebrate the accomplishments of these students and look forward to what they will achieve in the future.