Hylton High School cheerleaders support the Dr. Renee Lacey Scholarship Fund
Posted on 06/13/2018
Rita Goss and Carolyn Custard with four Hylton High School cheerleaders

On a recent Friday afternoon, four senior cheerleaders from the Hylton High School Championship Cheerleading Team volunteered to help support the Dr. Renee Lacey Scholarship Fund by teaching a cheer and a chant to division administrators. Cheerleaders Nia Adams, Paris Norris, Stevie Goytia, and DeAnna Wright enjoyed sharing a cheer with Rita Goss, associate superintendent for student learning and accountability, Jarcelyn Hart, associate superintendent for eastern elementary schools, and Carolyn Custard, director of student services.

The division administrators shared their cheer and chant the following Sunday morning during a service at United Faith Christian Ministry that was dedicated to the memory of Lacey, who served as the director of Alternative Education/Student Management and Alternative Programs before passing away last summer. Goss, Hart and Custard, along with additional members of the Dr. Renee Lacey Scholarship Committee, attended the service to officially accept the challenge to participate in the Tee Shirt Challenge, which will help raise scholarship funds to continue Lacey’s legacy to support students and families.

PWCS will provide six $1,000 scholarships to students who Dr. Lacey fondly called "her children" at this year's Summer School graduation.