Lowe’s invests $5,000 to spur continued success at Bel Air Elementary
Posted on 06/29/2018
Children moving on floor mats emblazoned with shapes, letters, words, numbers to practice math,

Bel Air teachers are among thousands in PWCS who continue to set the bar higher for themselves and their students. Thanks to second grade teachers Jacqueline Gauker and Rosa Rosas, and Principal Antoinette McDonald, Bel Air students will take their academic achievement to a new level through a “Math & Movement” (M&M) initiative funded by a $5,000 grant from the Lowe’s Gives Foundation.

Gauker and Rosas wrote the grant proposal after hearing rave reviews about “Math & Movement,” which employs the use of floor mats emblazoned with shapes, patterns, numbers, words, and letters to teach and reinforce math concepts.

“Math & Movement” is aligned with our Standards of Learning and uses physical movement to boost achievement, build confidence, and increase physical fitness,” said McDonald. “Adding the M&M program to the existing curriculum allows students to hop, walk, crawl, dance, or touch the patterns as they learn, using more learning modalities (visual, auditory, motor, and kinesthetic) when practicing,” she said.

Gauker and Rosas, along with administration and the staff at Bel Air,  introduced the Math & Movement initiative to students and families at a family night prior to the end of school. Implementation is scheduled for the 2018-19 school year and will include using mats for language arts instruction. Mats come with an e-book on activities for students.

“Our entire school community adored the mats,” McDonald said. “The excitement was amazing during the Family Night.”