Please share your input for the 2020-21 school calendar
Posted on 09/03/2019
Please share your input. 2020-21 School Calendar

We want to hear from you! Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is interested in gathering feedback from parents and community members about options for the 2020-21 school calendar. We have developed a quick poll that provides you with the opportunity to share your input.

As background, it is important to share some of the parameters around the development of the calendar. First, the calendar must begin with at least 180 school days. The year is divided into four relatively equal marking periods. Attempts are made to minimize weeks with only a few days of school. We provide for multiple student holidays within the calendar, along with Winter Break and Spring Break. Any time an additional student holiday is placed into the calendar, that instructional day must be replaced somewhere else in the calendar.

Three calendar options have been developed in response to decisions made by the Prince William County School Board for the 2019-20 school calendar, new legislation regarding when school can start, and feedback on previous calendars. The new legislation allows school divisions to start up to two weeks before Labor Day with no need for a waiver. All three options include a full two weeks at Winter Break and the Monday after Spring Break as a teacher workday (student holiday).

Calendar options will be presented to the School Board for discussion and approval in October. Results from this poll, as well as recommendations from a representative calendar committee, will be provided to the Board to inform their discussion and decision.

Please take a few moments to answer these few questions about your preferences. This poll will remain open until September 11.

2020-21 Calendar Options Poll