PWCS facilities closed to visitors
Posted on 03/20/2020
PWCS facilities closed to visitors

For the safety and health of all staff, students, and families, the following is effective March 20, 2020:

  1. No students are allowed inside any PWCS building until further notice. 
  2. No parents, guardians, or visitors are allowed inside any PWCS building until further notice.
  3. No instructional staff are allowed inside any PWCS building until further notice.
  4. Limited numbers of support staff and/or administrators may be asked to enter buildings to perform essential business functions (such as collecting bills, food service distribution, building or IT infrastructure repairs or maintenance, safety or security monitoring) under the following conditions:
    • Prior to visiting a building, the appropriate Associate Superintendent must be informed by the Director/Principal and concur to the purpose and timing of the visit.
    • Visits must be limited in frequency, duration, and number of staff, and confined to a limited space within the building (such as a specific office to collect mail).
    • Staff must practice social distancing while inside building. 
    • If social distancing cannot be followed due to the task (such as food preparation, building repair, etc.) then staff should practice proper hygiene protocols and inform supervisor if sick.  
    • The appropriate supervisor must be informed when the building has been vacated.  
  5. Only the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent may make exceptions to this protocol until further notice.

Please note: staff are working remotely and more details will be provided next week regarding how to contact staff remotely for support.