Important Information about Advanced Placement exams
Posted on 05/12/2020
Important Info about Advanced Placement exams

Students across the world have begun taking online Advanced Placement exams this week. The online format is brand new, in response to the COVID-19-related closing of testing centers. The School Division understands some students may have experienced difficulties in submitting exam responses. Affected students should look to the College Board resources and communications for assistance with their College Board’s AP exams. PWCS reached out to the College Board regarding these apparent issues and received information on the supports being offered to all students who may have experienced these challenges.

The College Board indicated they have been communicating updates to students throughout the week with links to resources. These resources are posted on Twitter and other social media. One great resource for students in advance of exams is the Troubleshooting Page that is available on the AP Coronavirus Updates page. The Troubleshooting Page prompts students to make sure they are running the latest version of one of the recommended browsers (with links). There is also a separate page for Submission Guidelines.

Teachers supporting students are reminded to encourage their students to continue to use the Student Demo to review how to submit and try the different submission options that are outlined in the 2020 AP Testing Guide (PDF).  The College Board is offering retake opportunities to students who encountered the submission errors, during their June makeup testing window.

If students have any issue on exam day that prevents them from testing successfully, they'll be directed to an online AP Makeup Testing Request Form, where they can describe what happened and request an e-ticket for a June makeup exam. They can also access the form at

When filling out the makeup request form, they'll need the original exam e-ticket for that exam. They'll also need to submit the form within 48 hours of the original exam date.

The AP Program will review the form and send an email approving or denying the request by May 28. If approved, the makeup e-ticket will be sent two days before the makeup test. If the request is not approved, the May exam will be scored.