Captain Underpants Was Here?! Author Dav Pilkey Visits Mary Williams Elementary School
Posted on 09/01/2017
Dav Pilkey at MWES with staff

Tra-La-Laaa! The excitement from the students and staff at Mary Williams Elementary School bubbled over when Dav Pilkey took the stage. His engaging style and personality perfectly matched the enthusiasm displayed at the assembly. He told the students how his mom encouraged him to turn his “labels” of ADHD and Dyslexia into positives, and to focus on his drawing skills. He did, and they are now the basis of his stories. Pilkey explained that his second-grade teacher was the inspiring force behind ‘Captain Underpants’ – when, during a class, she said the word underwear and the whole class kept laughing. Pilkey stated, “At that moment, I realized that underwear is VERY powerful.”    

Pilkey made sure that every student and staff member received an autographed copy of his most recent book, and that they all got a free book at the school’s Scholastic Book Fair. He graciously greeted and thanked every student as they left the assembly, and signed the Captain Underpants mural in the hallway by the library – personally leaving every student and staff member feeling appreciated and thrilled to be a part of such an amazing way to start the school year.