PWCS SAT Scores Exceed State and National Mean in Math
Posted on 09/27/2017
Picture of students studying at long table

College Board SAT score reports this year show Prince William County Public School (PWCS) students fared well both nationally and at the state level. The newly released 2017 average of SAT scores for PWCS students remain above national averages in reading/writing and mathematics. In mathematics, PWCS scores are above both the state and national averages.

As of this September, College Board Reports for seniors reflects substantial changes from past reports and begins a new trendline. The new test combines Critical Reading and Writing into one score, reflected at Evidenced-based reading/writing on the report.

   Number of 
Test Takers
 Reading/Writing   Mathematics  Total
 PWCS  3,461  557  540  1097
Virginia  51,613  558  538  1095
 Nation  1,426,258  527  517  1044


“We see a solid performance in both math and reading/writing, along with excellent progress in closing the achievement gap," said Michael Mulgrew, associate superintendent for high schools. "There's still room for improvement but we're pleased with our gains." 

Among highlights:

  • Black students in PWCS outperformed peers in Virginia and nationwide in all three areas.
  • Hispanic students in PWCS outperformed peers nationwide in all three areas and matched peers in Virginia in all three areas. 
  • Six high schools exceeded both Virginia and nationwide scores (Patriot, Brentsville District, Battlefield, Osbourn Park, Forest Park, and Woodbridge High Schools).
  • Hylton and Gar-Field High Schools had totals higher than national averages in all three areas.

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