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FLL Fun Day 2021 (May 2021)

Thank you to our friends from FIRST Robotics.  They pulled together a celebration of our elementary FIRST LEGO League teams for the craziness of the 2020-21 season.  This one hour video highlights the many things that the teams could do even when they could not be together.  https://youtu.be/AGx6S5bqodA


PWCS Robotics Teams (March 2021)

Robotics Was Featured by PWCS Because of How Teams Had a Competitive Season Even Virtually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOQcUNNPRnQ


FLL Regional Tournaments and the FLL State Championship 2020

Congratulations to our schools that represented PWCS in the virtual FLL Regional Tournaments this year.  Each team competed via Zoom and were interviewed by a panel of judges.  In addition, each team had to submit video of their Innovation Projects and their Robot Game runs.  This was not an easy task and we are so very proud of you.   

  • Chris Yung Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • Sudley Elementary

Chris Yung Elementary School' team The Spunkies won a spot to the FLL State Championship where they virtually competed with teams from across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  


VEX World Championship 2021

This year wasn't the year we wanted but teams still met virtually and swapped parts by leaving them at school or front porches.  We sent 46 middle school and 36 high school teams to the VEX State Championship that was hosted right here in PWC!  Congratulations to all the teams that were part of this year's robotics season.

2021 World Championship teams competed the week of May 17th.

Middle School Teams:

  • Benton 
  • Fred Lynn
  • Gainesville
  • Parkside (2 teams) - congratulations to Parkside team X who won the Sportsmanship Award at the World Championship. 

High School Teams:

  • Colgan
  • Forest Park
  • Woodbridge (2 teams) - congratulations to 1575X who won the Judges Award at the World Championship.

VEX IQ and VEX State Championship 2020

This year's VEX IQ and VEX State Tournaments had the most teams from PWCS ever!! We are so happy that they got to play in this championship event before the pandemic closed our schools and social distancing started.

For this event, there were 46 PWCS teams from 14 different schools - 

Elementary Schools: Glenkirk (2 teams), Triangle.

Middle Schools: Benton (3 teams), Beville, Gainesville (5 teams), Lake Ridge (3 teams), Parkside (3 teams), Porter, Potomac (2 teams). 

High Schools:  Colgan (6 teams), Forest Park (5 teams), Woodbridge (5 teams).

We are so proud of all the teams that were invited to the VEX IQ and VEX Tournament. It was so awesome to see Prince William County Schools pride when everyone cheered for everyone.  My favorite memory was when Glenkirk Elementary was in the finals and all the high school kids filled the bleachers screaming for them!

After tough battles on the fields, the following PWCS teams won at spot to the VEX World Championship this year.  It is sad that they did not get to experience the VEX World Championship but we should be celebrating their successes!  We are all PWCS Proud of you all!

  • Charles J. Colgan High School

20164T - Tigershark

20164X - SharkBots

  • Forest Park High School

4303C - Cosmos 

  • Louis A. Benton Middle School

1231D - Dominators

  • Bull Run Middle School

1489D - Ducklings 5.0

  • Lake Ridge Middle School

12350C - Robo Tuttles

Congratulations to Mr. Dana Powell, from Gainesville Middle School, who won the Coach of the Year at the VEX State Championship!! We already knew he was a rock star..now everyone does!

Final shout out to Colgan High Schools team 20164W - Great White who was also invited to the U.S. Create Open in Councils Bluff, Iowa.