Lend Me Your Ears, Art Connects Students With Learning
Posted on 05/05/2017
Teacher Clare Phillips at Kennedy Center CETA Awards

Tapping into the potential of every student and sparking their interest in learning is the goal of every teacher. Once the teacher has the student’s interest, keeping them engaged and encouraged to learn – that is the goal of The Kennedy Center’s “Changing Education Through the Arts” program. This year, The Kennedy Center will award 54 Certificates of Study from this program, and one of them went to PWCS’s very own Clare A. Phillips at Occoquan Elementary.

While working on the certificate program, Phillips focused on storytelling well known stories and poems, using them to create puppet shows with her students. She found the students loved this form of learning and were engaged throughout the entire process of telling the stories. As Phillips said, “This form of teaching helps to build higher thinking skills and meets the needs of all students from gifted to ESOL to autism. The integration of the Arts helps students remember the curriculum and makes learning interesting. Students that struggle with traditional forms often find these techniques helpful and makes them feel successful.”

Congrats to Phillips, and to her students at Occoquan who will benefit from this program of learning.