PWCS Students Witness Prelude to Historic White House State Dinner
Posted on 10/20/2016
Beville Middle Students at the White HousePWCS Students at the White HouseMoments after reaching out for the hand of Beville Middle School students yesterday, President Obama stood at a podium on the White House lawn to officially welcome His Excellency Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy and Mrs. Agnese Landini. Several other PWCS students from Hylton, Gar-Field, and Woodbridge High Schools also were within arms’ reach of the President during this State Arrival Ceremony. Nearly 80 PWCS teachers and students in Italian language programs participated.

“He shook my hand!” exclaimed a half-dozen Beville students, too excited to say much more after the President greeted them, and walked on.

Official White House ProgramPresident Obama and the Prime Minister had just reviewed the Honor Guard before walking over to the thousands of spectators surrounding them. The State Arrival Ceremony and evening’s State Dinner were the last to be held during this president’s administration.

PWCS has more than 800 students enrolled in Italian classes, with the greatest enrollment in Hylton’s Center for International Studies and Languages.

“I know our students will remember this for a long time,” said Nicole Halloran, Italian teacher at Beville.

President Obama