Students tackle racial bias, Black Lives Matter, humor in advertising, and other social topics in AP Research course
Posted on 06/14/2017
Group picture of Woodbridge HS AP Scholar graduates

Graduates of the Woodbridge High School Advanced Placement (AP) Scholars specialty program were awarded their AP Capstone Medals following a recent exhibition of their year-long senior research projects. This medal signifies that these students have achieved four or more qualifying scores on AP exams along with successful and qualifying completion of the AP Capstone Program.

AP Capstone is a relatively new College Board curriculum composed of two AP courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, to engage students in college-level research, argument, and presentation skills. The AP Research course challenges students to work with an expert advisor in a specific academic area. The students then design, plan and conduct a year-long research-based investigation to address their chosen topic issue or problem.

The senior researchers, their research topics, and the colleges or universities they will attend are listed below.

Dominique Ardis
Christopher Newport University
Detecting African American bias in news media

Aria Austin
College of William & Mary
Teen perception of Black Lives Matter in social media

Grayden Brock
University of Virginia
Humor type efficacy in insurance advertising

Fatima Dyfan
Georgetown University
Impact of African American tropes on theater students

Carmen Edwards
George Mason University
Knowledge of and engagement in Natural Hair Movement

Alysa Ehlers
University of Nebraska
USVA curriculum and political correctness

Katie Galloway
US Coast Guard Academy
Female military employment opportunities vs. federal civilian

Kaitlyn Graham
University of Virginia
English teacher proclivity of teaching LGBQ literature

Stephanie Parker
University of Alabama
Causes and remedies for eating disorders in ballet

Katherine Rogers
Lynchburg College
Prosthesis candidates concerns regarding cellular regeneration

Catherine Root
Grove City College
Motivators for academic success: intrinsic vs. extrinsic

Hamayel Safi
George Mason University
Sleep quality and quality of life for HIV patients

Joey Troia
Virginia Tech School of Engineering
Permanent Martian settlement location

Hatley Wood
University of Virginia
Politician tendencies to rationalize lying

Alec Yeager
Northeastern University
Prosthesis candidates concerns regarding BCI prosthesis

During the exhibition of their research, the senior AP Researchers explained their research and answered questions regarding methods, theory, and findings. Enrollment in the Woodbridge High School AP Capstone program continues to grow. Thirty AP Researchers are in the Class of 2018, and 45 students are in the AP Seminar course for their junior year, Class of 2019.