Reminder to Parents to Provide Medical Information to Schools
Posted on 09/18/2017
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Your child’s health and safety are the top priorities in our schools. Any medical and health information that is concerning to you is important for the school to have. This includes, but is not limited to medications, health conditions, and allergies. Parents are reminded that they are responsible for providing medical information about their child and any updates as needed.

Regulations describe various health services, including health treatment procedures and emergency treatment plans (Regulation 757-3), allergic reactions (Regulation 757-2), procedures for administering medication (Regulation 757-4), and administration of asthma medication (Regulation 757-5).  Regulations and forms are also available in school health offices.

If you are uncertain whether your student requires a health plan, please consult your school nurse. School nurses and school staff are authorized to follow the directions of your child’s health care provider. Please help us keep your child safe by updating your child’s information.